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FCCi stem cell therapy comes from a supplement product produced by Fortune World an Australian based company which was franchised to Africa in January 2019. Fortune World is an international network marketing company which has expanded its operations in to more than 10 African countries in the it’s first year.

After a decade of leading research, FCCi stem cell therapy is now a clinically proven, patented product that increases your Stem Cell Activity and produces more Stem Cells so you feel younger than you have in years. Get FCCi stem cells for all your health issues, be it chronic or non-chronic FCCi Stem Cell is your best solution.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells that have regenerative properties and are able to multiply at exceedingly rapid rates. Each time one of these cells is created, one of two things can happen. Either it will become another stem cell and continue budding off to create more of its own kind, or it will become a specialized cell and go on to become a part of your kidneys, skin, eyes, or any other part of your body. This allows the repairing and rejuvenation of of the body from damages caused by various illnesses such kidney damage, strokes, skin burns, diabetes, cold sores, liver damages, bone fractures, arthritis, joint pains and many others. Stemcells can transform into any Cells may be needed in the body,

Stem Cells have the ability to do following:

Stem cell works in 5 main ways

  • Rejuvenating aged cells
  • Replicating good cells
  • Restoring sick cells
  • Replacing dead cells
  • Repairing of Cells

Bringing the body to normal functionality.

What is FCCi?

The product is “stem cells” known as Fortune Cell Care improved( FCCi). It comes in a packet with 16 satchets inside. FCCi has no side effects because it is extracted from plants so its all organic and has only vegetable stem cells and the active ingredients are:

  • Apple Stem Cell Extract
  • Grape stem cell extract
  • Acai berry extract
  • Tomato Stem Cell Extract
  • Cantaloupe extract
  • Blackcurrant juice powder
  • Blue berry extract

Benefits of FCCi

This product can be used in the management of a variety chronic diseases. Its consumed by placing under the tongue where the sublingual glands are found. This allows the product to move straight to the veins hence faster results. Some of the benefits of FCCi are:

  • Rapid Pain Relief
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Enhanced Energy & Vitality
  • Reverse Cellular Aging
  • Greater Mental Clarity
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Faster Recovery After Intense Exercise
  • Faster Wound Healing
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Healthier Younger Looking Skin

FORTUNE CELL CARE improved (FCCi), uses the nerves and brain signals to conquer a variety of the chronic diseases from Cancers of all types to kidney failures, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Goitre, Fibroids, Diabetes, Brain Damage, Ulcers and many more. Many more diseases that have seemed to not have been fully diagnosed or found cure for that would be any disease related to cell and blood.

Advantage of using FCCi is:

  • As you are curing one disease you will be curing all.
  • You will also be looking younger.
  • Have a healthier skin and bones.
  • Have a refreshed body system.
  • You will feel young and rejuvenated.
  • Have your mind and vision sharpened.

Fortune Cell Care improved (FCCi)

  • Restores sick cells
  • Rejuvenates aged cells
  • Replaces dead cells
  • Replicates good cells
  • Repairs damaged cells

How Does it Work?

Your stem cells are the repair cells in your body that ensure you look and feel young. The problem is that as you age your stem cells switch off, leaving you with less than half your natural level when you’re only 35. That’s where FCCI comes in. It’s the natural, pain-free, injection-free approach that allows you to reset your stem cells so they’re younger, more active, and ready to transform your quality of life.

FCCi Testimonials

There is testimony after testimony of FCCi Stem cell Therapy, A kidney failure testimony of a lady who had been on dialysis for six years, and started passing out urine on her own after using 2 packets of FCCi and even one of HIV. Just after 5 sachets the viral load was undetectable. Its so helpful as it has helped so many people who had exhausted all medical clinical treatment but got wonderful results from 3 to 5 satchets only of FCCi.

There are plenty testimonies out and within Africa, one that comes to us, is a high blood pressure testimony from Zimbabwe. 100% natural stem cell FCCi is genuinely investing in people.

Another testimonial

Hi everyone. My grandson was born with the rubella virus. My daughter had measles when she was pregnant with him. And out of everything that was wrong, he grew out of most of it. Doctor said he's autistic, and Adhd. He got only 30% of hearing in his left ear. Non in the right ear. He doesn't like to go through a day without his hearing aid. He is very busy and screams alot. Never sleeping through the day. I decided to start him with fcci stem cells. And after the 1st sachet, he slept from 12-2 that afternoon. He is much calmer and yesterday he went through the day not once asking for his hearing aid. And when I talk to him, he will immediately look at me. I thank Jesus for this fcci stem cells. He's now 2weeks on stem cells

Video Testimonials of FCCi

https://web.facebook.com/Fortunecellcareimproved/videos/451271615591745 - Powerful fcci testimony from zimbabwe

https://web.facebook.com/Fortunecellcareimproved/videos/2195346354094816 - Eyes Testimony

https://web.facebook.com/FortuneWorldAfrica/videos/596468454416665/?t=0 High Bp Testimony

FAQ’S ON FCCi Stem Cell Therapy


The time taken to see results varies from patient to patient. The longer the patient has suffered from the disease the longer the time taken to heal completely.


No, this food supplement does not have any side effects.


Suitable for the entire family, all ages, men and women, including vegetarians and children.

Then There is Crystal Cell

Crystal cell, is a pure-fruit based stem cells extract. Crystal cell is a revolutionary 100% organic plant stem cell based product that has helped save so many lives. It achieves results by stimulating natural body stem cells which in-turn rejuvenate the cellular system, repair tissues and organs while restoring the body to normal by replacing dead or abnormal cells with new and normal ones. To Order or Enquire about Crystal Cell. Click Here...

Additional Info

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