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Stem cells related to stroke, well there is a recent breakthrough in stroke treatment from stem cells. In recent studies, stroke patients who were in wheelchairs were able to walk again thanks to stem cell therapy.

Stem cells related to stroke, which is the second leading cause of death worldwide and the major cause of disability in Europe. Stem cells are an innovative new treatment therapy that can be used by stroke victims. A stroke happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is severely reduced, often with severe effects on the body.

What is a Stroke

Stroke is a pathological condition in which brain tissue cells die within minutes from lack of oxygen and nutrients. Its consequences for someone’s overall health depend on the size of the lesion. However, there is always at least one ailment to the human brain and normal bodily functions that result from a stroke.

Stroke (also known as an attack on the brain, cutting off blood and oxygen) is the leading cause of disability and the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. In fact, stroke is a leading cause of death in many countries around the world. But what makes stroke such a social burden is the ability of the event to interfere with brain activity in so many different ways – many of which lead to the need for long-term care. Unlike degeneration in the brain, a stroke is instant. There is no time to prepare or understand the progression of disease.

The Mechanics of Strokes

Strokes happen when the brain’s blood supply is interrupted enough to cause injury to the brain. Depending on the area of the brain that is injured, parts of the body will, in turn, stop working.

There are three basic types of stroke. They are:

  1. Ischemic –wherein an area of the brain loses blood flow
  2. Hemorrhagic –wherein bleeding happens inside the brain
  3. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) –wherein brain stroke symptoms may occur for just a few minutes and resolve on their own within a twenty-four hour period. Also known as a mini stroke, a TIA must be taken every bit as seriously as an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke. A TIA is a clear warning of possible strokes to come.

Stroke treatment for any type must be sought immediately. Calling 911 is always the best first step when you suspect that a stroke has occurred, even if the person having the stroke seems to recover minutes afterward. As soon as the first signs of brain stroke symptoms appear, the clock is ticking. The window for effective emergency stroke treatment is only about 3 to 4 hours.

Once the emergency is past and the initial recovery period in the hospital has been successful, stroke treatment through regenerative medical methods like stem cell therapy may be considered as part of the patient’s rehabilitation regimen. Stem cell therapy has been shown to repair tissue damage, reduce inflammation, and re-grow blood vessels, all of which hold great potential in helping to enhance the recovery of body, speech and cognitive functions.

Research on Strokes

In an early test, researchers report they've safely injected stem cells into the brains of 18 patients who had suffered strokes. And two of the patients showed significant improvement.

All the patients saw some improvement in weakness or paralysis within six months of their procedures. Although three people developed complications related to the surgery, they all recovered. There were no adverse reactions to the transplanted stem cells themselves, the study authors said.

What's more, the researchers said, two patients experienced dramatic recoveries almost immediately after the treatments. Those patients, who were both women, started to regain the ability to talk and walk the morning after their operations. In both cases, they were more than two years past their strokes, a point where doctors wouldn't have expected further recovery.

How the Affects of Stroke Vary

It’s important to keep in mind that brain stroke symptoms are as varied as the person suffering them. Much depends on the area of the brain where the blockage or the bleeding has occurred. If the stroke has affected the left side of the brain, the ability to speak, understand, and think clearly will be affected. Body weakness or paralysis may be felt by the victim on the right side.

If the stroke has occurred on the right side of the brain, then the body’s left side will be most affected. Right side brain stroke symptoms can include left side body weakness or paralysis, the inability to recognize faces or objects, difficulty in following instructions or in answering questions that are asked one right after the other, difficulty in judging distance, size, position, or how parts relate to a whole.

The Risk Factors of Stroke

The majority of strokes, approximately 75%, happen after the age of 65. But that still leaves a large segment of the population vulnerable to brain stroke symptoms well before the later years. That’s because strokes are caused by many different factors. Those risk factors include the following:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Tobacco Use
  • Heart Rhythm Disturbances, like Atrial Fibrillation

Some of the above risk factors are due to heredity while some are due to life choices. The overwhelming majority can be mitigated or prevented altogether through proper medical care and/or healthier life choices. In other words, the best way to prevent the need for stroke treatment is to eliminate the conditions for stroke in the first place whenever possible.

When do Strokes Occur

About 85 percent of all strokes are ischemic: They occur when a clot forms in a blood vessel supplying blood to part of the brain, with subsequent intensive damage to the affected area. The specific loss of function incurred depends on exactly where within the brain the stroke occurs, and on its magnitude.

Strokes occur when a blood clot or bleeding disrupts blood flow to the brain. Brain cells deprived of oxygen and nutrients quickly die. Strokes kill about 137,000 Americans each year, according to the American Stroke Association, making them a leading cause of death in the United States, but they disable many more.

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke

Until recently, brain tissue damage was considered permanent. But nowadays the possibility of brain cell regrowth and improvements in neurological function has been scientifically proven. Cell-based treatment stimulates the re-growth of nerve tissue due to the therapeutic properties of stem cells.

During the therapy, stem cells are delivered intravenously, after which they are circulating through the bloodstream until reaching damaged areas. They then stimulate nerve cell renewal and the restoration of the brain begins. This leads to the improvement of all the symptoms associated with the condition.

The procedure of stem cell treatment is safe and proven to activate cells around the suffering brain tissue to catalyze rapid healing and to improve brain function. Stem cell treatment improves the bending and straightening of the joints, increasing the agility in fingers. Muscle strength and control of limbs are improved, as well.

In vivo studies have shown that introduced stem cells, in particular, derived from the umbilical cord, have properties to:

  • migrate into ischemic regions of the brain;
  • increase the expression of several chemokines in the ischemic brain area (these tiny protein molecules promote tissue recovery);
  • stimulate neurogenesis (formation of new normally functioning neurons);
  • stimulates the growth of new vessels in the ischemic tissue area;
  • modulate the immune response to damaged tissue both peripherally and locally;
  • weaken local tissue ischemia, which helps to improve clinical outcomes.

In addition, stem cells rejuvenate the entire body. This natural human repair system helps to make all organs healthier.

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