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Our Blood the River of Life!

Our blood carries an important function of transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout our entire body. How do we ensure the longevity of our blood? The answer is Snowphyll™Forte which consists of Snow Algae Chlorophyll & Mulberry Leaf Extract formulated by Mibelle BioChemistry Switzerland to help repair, rebuild and replenish our blood.

Rebuilds Haemoglobin and Red Blood Cells.

Blood is the river of life & energy. Snow Algae Chlorophyll resembles the blood structure and can help rebuild and replenish the blood in our body. It is rich in magnesium that gives an alkalizing cleansing effect to the body. Boost your body with energy and reduce fatigue. Energy and vitality for healthy lifestyle!

Aid in Gastrointestinal Problems

Most major diseases start in the colon. Snow Algae contains chlorophylls that are known for loosening and cleansing the colon improving digestion & assimilation. Prevent and treat gastrointestinal problems that causes chronic illnesses. Live healthy, live easy!

Detoxify Your Body

Flush out the toxins in your body that causes chronic illnesses. Snow Algae reduces the binding of carcinogens from cooked red meat that damages the DNA and other organs especially the liver. Cleanse your body to function better. Cleansing from within for the healthy you!


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